About the uliiact mission


Universal Language, discovered and diagrammed by Sun Yuli,


InterAura Communications Technology, researched and developed by Neil Alers

Designs for making a new type of computer system, based on original ancient wisdom. Two life’s works dedicated to promote authentic, full-spectrum human life during the rise of mechanical intelligence. The uliiact simulates human experience in a single, comprehensive model: the simple, creative formula for life process, extended to organize all relationships, behaviors and objects.

This site contains secret links to computerized prototypes of this template. The uliiact is developing with use cases for AI applications in the late 2010s. Current targets include comparing metrics by the uliiact against IBM’s WatsonAI.

  • 20-fold improvement in making avatar profiles
  • 6,375,600 personal character baselines for tailoring customer-facing content
  • Accordingly improved customer growth and retention.

Distinctions versus contemporary giant corporate AI development.

  • Five-elements system includes Emotional processing and Spiritual processing
  • Committed to private sector – to overcome governments’ unleashing the Terminator scenario
  • Integrated design for CREOC, computer-resident engine of consciousness.

Plans are in place to make AGI (artificial generalizable intelligence, or “strong” AI) and assemble, protect, and control super-human AI. We are assembling a team to make these designs operational, to save Humanity by making computers people-literate.